Hey everyone! Sorry for waiting so long to update, but there's some pretty strong tensions brewing in Israel right now. Iran, an adversary of Israel for quite some time, has been revealing to the rest of the world its new, enhanced nuclear weapons facilities and technology.

While the United States has not yet treated this display as a sign of a urgent and potential threat of attack from Iran, in Israel its quite a different story.

Three attacks occurred across the Middle East in the past couple of weeks, each targeting members of the Israeli embassy. Although the source of the attacks has not yet been confirmed, analysts point to Iran. This could be retaliation for the murdering of Iranian embassy members years ago, which Iran believes Israel is responsible for.

In Israel, already heated debate over whether or not to act against Iran has grown extremely fierce over the past couple of weeks. Meanwhile, Israeli citizens are staying on guard, not knowing what is to come.

Donniel Hartman of Ynetnews discusses the issue in his opinion article, refuting its urgency and claiming Israel is not alone in this conflict:http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4191022,00.html

As more news spreads, I'll be sure to update here. Keep checking in!