Hey, everyone! It's been a stressful week I'm sure, with midterms and other not-so-fun things. So, to keep things light, here's a funny little piece of Israeli news!

Obviously, there has been an ongoing conflict between Israel and surrounding Arab nations since the establishment of Israel. This issue has escalated and stretched across various different settings, but the most recent incident is one we all can relate to: a hacker war.

The most recent attack came from an Israeli hacker by the name of Haliban, who stole and posted the Facebook usernames and passwords of over 85,000 Arab citizens. Facebook instantly retaliated by locking all of the profiles from access, but there was enough of a sting to make an impact.

This hacker war began at the start of the new year, when an Arab hacker posted the credit card numbers of some 20,000 Israelis to the public. In these times, who knows when it will end?

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