Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I find the news to be far too depressing these days. People need a break from all that bad stuff, so rather than a news post, I'm gonna do something more interesting: cool Israeli inventions!
Here are some items that we're familiar with here in the U.S. that actually were created in Israel:
- the USB drive
- theory of the black hole
- Copaxone, used to treat the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis
- super ion batteries
- laser keyboards
- solar water heaters
- energy towers

Cool, huh? Sure, you might not own a laser keyboard or have a solar water heater in your backyard, but these are still relevant inventions that are changing the way the world works, all thanks to Israel!
Liked this post? Hope you did, because more of these miscellaneous trivia posts about Israel are coming out soon! :)