So, what exactly is Morris Plains USY?

Well, to start, United Synagogue Youth is an international organization that was founded in Minneapolis in 1950. It was established for one simple reason: there was no youth group for conservative children that incorporated Jewish education and a social environment simultaneously. So a bunch of rabbis got together and set up what we now know as USY.

The aim of USY is to bring together Judaism, the Jewish people, the synagogue and the Jewish teenager. As a result of this combination, the idea is that Jewish teenagers will become active young adults in their Jewish communities.

USY offers awesome events, like monthly dances, three rockin' conventions, the ever popular end-of-the-summer encampment, and parties and holiday celebrations. It also provides you with the opportunity to get in on some super-fun summer programs, like USY on Wheels, where you can travel across America with fellow USYers, and USY Pilgrimage, where you can travel to different European countries and of course, Israel.

There are 17 regions in international USY, and we're part of the ever-so-cool Hagalil along with the rest of central and northern New Jersey. Morris Plains USY is one of the biggest of all of Hagalil's 42 chapters, and we just so happen to be CHAPTER OF THE YEAR 2009- 2010.


Check out more info about USY, Hagalil, regional programs, and summer programs here!

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