Social Action/ Tikun Olam

For those of you that do not know what SA/TO is, it stands from Social Action and Tikun Olam, and is one of the many aspects of Jewish ethics that MPUSY values and focuses on.

The social action part of SA/TO is referring to community service, and anything else that can be done directly in order to have an impact. MPUSY is committed to social action by doing things like baking apple pie for the hungry and caring for the environment. Also, we have many more fun and charitable events planned for the future!

The other part of SA/TO is Tikun Olam. This is USY's tzedukah fund. Every year,  hundreds of thousands of dollars  are raised internationally and are allocated to a multitude of Jewish charitable organizations throughout the world. Also, a portion of the money goes to fund scholarships for USY'ers who can't afford some of the amazing, life changing experiences that our youth group offers. MPUSY takes pride in always having high TO numbers, and we look forward to upholding this tradition in the future!

This year, we will be participating in social action and Tikun Olam projects with Lester Housing, the local Jewish assisted living home. We hope that you will all take advantage of the opportunity to take on a communal responsibility and better the lives of those right in our very neighborhood. We'll play our part by participating in Friday night festivities with the elderly and donating all of the money that we raise to this amazing organization. Over the course of this year, we'll develop a strong connection to Lester Housing and the people who live there!

In short, our goal for the coming year is to help Morris Plains USY is pretty much stated in a favorite ruach tune, "Lo Alecha." This song states that it is not one's duty to change the world, however that does not give us the right not to do our part in order to make a difference. 

MPUSY, we may not be able to change the world. However, though amazing programs that we have planned and by keeping our TO numbers as high as possible, our chapter plans to have us do our part in making the world a better place. 

Be excited for an amazing year, and know that all together, we CAN make a difference!  
Hear "Lo Alecha" for yourself!

lo alecha.mp3

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